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Friday, 5 December 2014

TRY THIS - Mouth the Words, "Forever Red"

While I almost never buy new, there is one style item I MUST and LOVE buying brand harry spankers. Red lipstick. Bright, crimson, look-at-me lips have been my calling card for over 2 decades. It was 1993 in Cleveland Ohio when I walked into a cosmetic boutique in search of inspiration. There on the counter were bullet-like tubes in more colours than I thought possible. The black-packaged goodies were of course MAC, the makeup line that would become my loyal best friend. Back then the Canadian-based company hadn't yet been bought up by Estee Lauder so its products were only stocked by knowing, indie retailers.

You hide behind cosmetic eyes,
Kiss them off with lipstick lies -
                Pat Benatar

MAC wasn’t the Big Department Store mainstay it is now. In those days, I could try on lipsticks with abandon, there was no MAC counter mob scrambling to get at the luscious lippy samples. While I’ve changed shades, moving from New York Apple to Ruby Woo, MAC’s super-charged Reds have stood guard in my makeup bag ever since. I left Cleveland in 1997 and moved to Africa, then on to Washington DC, to London, LA and back to London, all the while a MAC lipstick tube in tow. Peg your style tent with a few constants and daily dressing will be like coming home.

What are your fashion forevers?


Lisa said...

My fashion constants are sequins! Ok, and red lipstick too.

Anmarie said...

LOVE sequins! I can't do them everyday BUT I like styling sequins with denim these days. Casual sparkle really works. Thanks!