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Monday, 15 December 2014

TRY THIS - It's A Small Town, Big Deal

I wish I could claim I found this necklace washed up in the beach. In fact, I found it in the seaside town of Deal on the Kent Coast. And it's indeed one of my favourite places for a great deal of fun and relaxation. From the Astor Theatre CLICK HERE to The Royal CLICK HERE, from The Ship CLICK HERE to The Sarecans Head CLICK HERE, from the 2nd-hand shops in the Old Town to The Fox & Spindle CLICK HERE where I bought a huge hand-knitted scarlet scarf, Deal may be small but it's sensational. The Pier offers lovely views and both Deal and nearby Walmer Castles reveal the area's naval history. 

On our last visit we stayed at Dunkerleys CLICK HERE, a friendly, family-run hotel on the seafront that was comfortable and spotlessly clean. But the highlight of the weekend - Harriet's of Deal CLICK HERE. Quite simply the best tea room I've ever been in. The banana cake rivaled my grandma's. I found this old necklace at a house clearance business on Sondes Road - it sat on a huge piece of brown furniture, that sat among dozens of pieces of huge brown furniture. Don't let furniture put you off. House clearances often include boxes, drawers and bags of old, forgotten bits of chic 2nd-hand, but you've got to be in it to win it. So go inside and LOOK. These white-washed hand-knotted glass beads were £15.

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