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Monday, 8 December 2014

TRY THIS - Don't Be Silly, Buy Willy Nilly

I found this silk chiffon scarf at the Fara Charity shop near Turnham Green station in Chiswick. Silk + 2nd-hand + Stylish = Buy! It's a soft colour that flatters the skin, mine and many others, so while I wasn't sure if it would be added to my personal scarf collection or gifted to a lucky friend, I knew it was coming home with me. I don't advocate buying for buying's sake, but being a confident shopper is key. Ask yourself, can I imagine at least two ways to wear this quality piece of clothing? Excellent, next question. Would it make a gift I'd be proud to give? Yes, then move toward the till. Finally, is it priced up at less than a cup of coffee? Indeed, this silk stunner was £1.80. Wear your buying decisions as confidently as you wear your favourite accessory. Be bold, be stylish. 

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