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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

FOUND - A Devine But Guilty Pleasure

Dear Tatty Devine

I found this single swallow at the Scope charity shop across the road from the Highgate tube station in North London. Only one? Aren't these sold in pairs? I've wanted a TD piece for ages, so one will do! Forgive me for taking a flyer on this pre-owned pretty, will you? 

I know your founders Rosie Wolfenden and Harriet Vine were rightfully honoured with MBEs last year. They inspire me skyward when I consider their humble beginnings at Spitalfields and Portabello markets. Chelsea College of Art must be proud as a peacock - it's where the ladies both earned degrees in Fine Arts. 

You make such quirky, outrageous, witty statements via your jewellery. Okay - I feel guilty for bagging this Tatty tweeter for such a knock down price but someone had to give her a good home, right? Look, since I caught this fine feathered friend for just 3 quid (yes, 3!), I vow to ask for a full-priced Tatty Devine for Christmas (CLICK HERE). Oh my, I never buy retail! But Santa does - of course. 

Sincere Apologies
Huntress London

PS - This was my lucky day! Wonder what's waiting to be found in your local charity shop?  

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