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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

TRY THIS - List, Look and Get Lucky

I found Women in Clothes on the 2nd-hand book-seller tables under Waterloo Bridge. This newly-released title was top of my Christmas wish list, but no more. I generally have a quickie peak at vast array of used books on offer outside the British Film Institute on my way into The National Theatre where I work. It's a reader's treasure trove but new titles are not the norm. Women in Clothes claims to be "a book unlike any other. It is essentially a conversation among women...on the subject of clothing..." 
"The volume contains hundreds of stories, which is why it’s not the kind of book you’ll read straight through but is perfect for flipping around in late at night in the tub, or for giving as a gift with certain parts marked."  - The New York Times 
Just my style, and perfect for getting into over the holidays. I was thrilled and a little surprised to find it among the battered covers under the Bridge. And not 100 yards away, Women in Clothes is being sold in The National Theatre's Book Shop (good for them) for £24. Always write and update a mental list of things you'd like to find. Do so, and luck will follow your second-hand searching. I bagged this brand new title for a fiver.    

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