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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

TRY THIS - Keep A Gift Kitty, My Pet

I found this panther-ized pot ages ago at the Salvation Army store in West Ealing. I loved the canny cat-erization of traditional tableware but I knew my new-found feline friend would one day wander. I bought her fully aware that I'd eventually acquire a pal who required this kitty's company far more than me. That pal is Brigitte, the young woman who founded a growing theatre company, Written Foundations CLICK HERE, and who's taken a shine to my theatrical writing. In late March at Hen & Chickens Pub Theatre in Islington, Brigitte and her crew will stage my play, Re:Tale, a quirky little drama about a corral of women who inhabit a local dress shop. I'm inspired by Brigitte's energy, courage and unabashed desire to make theatre. In addition to the stage, she's a passion for teapots so it was easy to pass this tabby on to her for Christmas. I've enjoyed brew cat's company but it's time for her to purr (and pour) elsewhere. In 2015 create a "gift kitty"  - a collection of quality charity shop stuff but be sure to scatter the booty about your house for your own temporary enjoyment. Fab future gifts at your fingertips! Pussy pot kept me in the black at just £5. 

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