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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

FOUND - Tan Trousers That Deliver Me

I found these Gap khaki trousers at the Scope Charity shop in Wimbledon. Two things I find wildly frustrating: styling khaki trousers and dressing for a long haul flight. While I consider myself a creative, fearless and problem solving stylist, if I start an outfit off with khaki trousers, I always end up resembling a UPS delivery man. United Parcel Service advertisements once asked "What can brown do for you?" Nothing man, I just can't do tan! And when jetting to America, I'm burdened with one gnawing thought. What will I wear? I've tried donning a dress on an international flight but found the loose frock gradually morphed into maternity gear. I worried non-stop that someone on my travels would ask me when I was due. So trousers then? Right. I don't do leggings (ever) or trackie bottoms (outside the gym). What about jeans then? No, thank you. A waistband embedded and reprinted on my skin leaves me feeling like a branded cow. Wool trews? Linen slacks? No, no, no, I need all weather bottoms. Who knew delivery man chic would solve my flight plight? These floral khakis are out-of-this-world but easily paired with a cotton jumper or denim shirt. They're soft, loose but close cut, with no killer denim rivets and wearable in varied weather conditions. BA? It's Huntress, I'm ready to depart! These packable pants were just £8.99.