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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

FOUND - Friend with a Stock of Frocks

I met my friend Susan about 5 years ago at The National Theatre. Today it feels like we've known each other forever - she is a 2nd-hand style siren and I her student. Among the many stories of her life that she's quietly recalled in my company, my favourite remains her foray into dress design in the 1980s. She has more than once said, "I thought, 'well I could buy a flat in London or go on holiday to Venice.' Of course I went to Venice and when I returned, started making dresses." She shrugs her slight shoulders as if to indicate she really had no choice in the matter. Ultimately her designs were featured in Elle magazine, as well as daily newspaper style sections but sadly sales didn't follow. She's kept these fabulous frocks; fixtures in her flat that occupy large perspex boxes. Rolled up lovingly, they peer out, safe if not a little smashed. Enjoy these photos of Susan some 30 years ago wearing several of the dresses, as well as the original drawings she made of her creations. I find all of them and Susan, enchanting. 

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