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Thursday, 4 December 2014

TRY THIS - Button Down Wrapping Up

I find wrapping Christmas gifts oddly satisfying but crazy expensive. You can easily spend more on the packaging than the present. This season beautiful buttons are adding graphic spark and texture to my holiday boxes. Whether accumulated from clothing or bought in charity shops, buttons are easy-peasy, cheap as chips package toppers.

From your local charity shop scoop up old maps, sheet music and vintage magazines - it all makes for effective but inexpensive wrapping paper that can uniquely personalize a pressie. Be sure to save the coloured tissue paper often found wrapped round make-up and skincare products bought online. And I hang on to countless short pieces of ribbon, too small to tie in a bow round a box but perfect as "button bands." 

Other creative coverings? A green Oxfam bag makes a festive holiday wrapper and I even pressed a piece of wax paper that covered a blood orange into service. Start collecting buttons, bits and bobs for your cheap and crafty Christmas presentations.   


Anonymous said...

Will b putting more floral boxes painted by mum into fox barn shop tmrw,
Yaz xxx

Anmarie said...

I hope to pop into the barn before Christmas! In the meantime - all the best to you and your mum!