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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

FOUND - Bright Sparks and Heel Deals

I found the Oxfam Chiswick Boutique on sparkling form when I popped in to preview their pre-owned pretties last week. If you're not sure, their Christmas Late Night Sale Celebration is TOMORROW, 5-9pm. Here, on the left, sequins a la Krystle Carrington, Dynasty style (£90). On the right, my personal favourite - Made in Hong Kong - elegant encrusted 60s sheath. It's a wool dress with the most spectacular embellishment I've ever seen (£250, and worth every penny). If you only go to the sale to see this frock, you won't regret it.  

From one dynasty to another, pink pumps that are satin stunners. These Alexander McQueen sky-high heels (£60) are simply outrageous. They aren't perfect, to be sure they show some real wear and tear but honestly that's what makes them more than just a pair of trashy heels. McQueen's muse, Isabella Blow, was well known for abusing her high-end heels, wearing them on London's cobbles with destructive results. If Issy could do it, so can you! Huntress is a firm believer in a little bit of Damaged Goodness (CLICK HERE). See you at the sale --     

Oxfam Boutique Chiswick Sale Night
Thursday, 4 December, 5-9pm
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