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Thursday, 11 December 2014

TRY THIS - Attack Charity Shops Like a Pro

I found this Breton pullover at the Trinity Hospice charity shop in Putney. This work shirt turned style staple, thanks to Coco Channel, has been worn by everyone from F. Scott Fitzgerald to James Dean, from Audrey Hepburn to Patti Smith. This one is made by Hublot, an elusive brand in fact. It's the name of a high-end watch manufacturer, but this Hublot garment doesn't seem at all connected to the tickers. Never mind, it's a quality item. Bretons are now ubiquitous, every Tom, Primark & Harry are cranking out cheap stripy tees. The heavy fabric, classic cut and creamy colour makes THIS one a classic keeper, as well as an example of quickie chic shopping. When I'm pressed for time but can't resist the charms of a charity shop, I narrow my search. First I scan the rails for Breton strips and denim shirts, both versatile wardrobe heroes for me. Then I quickly peruse the shoes, only looking for my size. Quick step and go! Finally, I eye the spines of 2nd-hand books on offer in search of fashion reads. That's it, I'm out. Sure, there may be other pre-owned pleasures I've missed, but when time is of the essence I edit my hunt to a few fab faves. This sea-worthy shirt, spotted and striped, was just 3 quid. 

You've only got 10 minutes. What 3 items would you 
   look for in a compellingly well-stock charity shop?    


Anonymous said...

Accessories and hats √
Bangles √
Scan the rails for an interesting print/textiles √
Silk, velvet, plaid √
Doilies/tray cloths/souvenir tea towels √
Shoes √
The rest √

3 things - kimono, cape, block print anything

Anmarie said...

Welcome back! Silk velvet plaid...bangles...souvenir tea I know who's gettin' all the good stuff. 10 minutes is never enough! I love that you've got a 2nd-hand plan of action. Me too - it's the only way. What's your favourite tea towel and where'd you get it?

Anonymous said...

I'm very partial to a Spanish dancing lady tea towel lol - so long as it's cotton or linen ... yes - I can pretty much scope out a shop without touching now. Floor level baskets are like honeypots - but there is a ton of good stuff out now because the sparkly frocks and evening wear is on sale big time :)) HAPPY

Anmarie said...

You're so right about floor level baskets, I get giddy when I see them. My best basket buy - Falke socks, never worn, 2 pairs 2 quid! keeping me warm as we speak.