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Thursday, 18 December 2014

FOUND - Reflected Glory of A Good Gift

I found this little curiosity at the Avenue Vintage Fair & Antiques Market last weekend (CLICK HERE). If you live in West London, I can't urge you enough to visit this lovely, low key 2nd-buyers' bonanza. Located outside the shops around The Drayton Court, an Ealing institution, you're sure to find a pre-owned pleasure that piques your interest. La Semaine de Suzette was a children's magazine founded by Henri Gautier in 1905 after the Church had separated from the State. The aim was to entertain children, in particular young girls, while instilling morality and charity. Girls living abroad, often the daughters of doctors, engineers and diplomats, read the magazine in an effort to improve their French. It published for 55 years, only taking a break during the war. 

This velvet & leatherette circle is in fact a handbag mirror, the sort of promotional item a newsagent gave to the girl who bought the magazine in an effort to keep her custom. Today glossy fashion magazines are often accompanied by complimentary cosmetics tucked inside soulless plastic sleeves. While modern freebies can be enticing, none are as tempting as this tiny, shiny, beveled luxury. I'm thrilled to be giving it to my fashionable friend Susan for Christmas. She speaks impeccable French and perpetually inspires my style eye. On reflection this all around wonder was a steal at just £10. 

Avenue Vintage & Antiques Market is usually the last 
Saturday of the month thru March CLICK HERE
(the Dec market was held earlier)

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