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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

TRY THIS - Medley of Memories Amassed

Recently I found I'd a collection of small purses. Without trying, I'd stockpiled a stylish selection of wee bags and puny pouches. Most of them have been gifts, and of course the rest I've picked up on my weekly stops at charity shops. This anthology of items tell a story, the continuing and very personal tale of birthdays celebrated and holidays with loved ones, exotic travels abroad and friends well-remembered but far away. The latest addition is a Georgian pocket mirror found at the Avenue Vintage & Antiques Market on a day out with my husband that saw us kick off the holiday season together with mulled wine and bacon baps. Silky and in remarkable condition considering its age (the purse & husband), this old bag adds gravitas to my tiny tote assortment. Like family photos, these small style icons serve as reminders of life's lovelier moments. My mint-condition mirror was just £3. Not surprising, I'm feeling reflective on this Christmas Eve.

Happy Holidays Hunters! 

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Originaly !!! rare....