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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

TRY THIS - DIY Sparkle Shoes for NYE

I find my mates clever style sirens -- this, for example, from my friend and actress Alma Costa (follow her @alma_costa). Perfect project pre-NYE! Take it away Alma -    

"If you don't have an unlimited budget it's easy to get the blues as the party season approaches. Shop windows are filled with beautiful, sparkly things, your inbox is stuffed with all the latest holiday fashions from all your favourite shops and as you do your best to find presents for your loved ones, it becomes an exercise in will power as you try to avoid the "one for me, one for you.." trick.

So I decided to quit sighing, take matters into my own hands and bring some sparkle into my wardrobe.

I got the idea from some fancy Jigsaw shoes CLICK HERE and applied it to a boring pair of black court shoes that needed updating.

All you need is some wood glue/PVA, glitter (make sure it's the finer type as the bigger type doesn't work as well) and a little bit of time.

Mask the bits of the shoe you don't want to cover in glitter, this is important because the stuff gets everywhere! Use masking tape for a better result, I didn't have any so my masking looks awful but it did the trick.

1. Lay some paper down to limit the mess. 

2. Cover the heel in a layer of glue using a paint brush (the flatter the brush the better).

3. Shake that glitter all over the heel and don't be stingy! Any glitter that doesn't stick to the shoe will just end up on the paper and you can pour it back into the glitter pot, limiting waste. Make sure the whole heel looks covered.

4. Repeat point 3 once the first layer is dry.

5. Once the second layer is dry (I did this the following evening) cover the whole thing with one final layer of glue. It will look all white, but don't panic! It will dry clear and leave you with a gorgeous glittery heel.

Party heels sorted without BUYING another pair of shoes. Happy New Year to you!"

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