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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

TRY THIS - Style & Community Support

I found this strand of amber glass beads at the NEW West Ealing Antiques Market CLICK HERE on Saturday. Mark your Calendar: October's market is scheduled for the 25th. At September's kickoff about 8 wonderful stalls adorned the pavement in and around The Drayton Court. Stallholders offered a nice variety of quality items, including interesting 2nd-hand and vintage clothing and accessories. I found prices reasonable and stallholders approachable, friendly and willing to bargain. It was a sunny, stylish morning, right in my own backyard. Supporting your community by ATTENDING events like this is the best way to BUILD community. Thumbs up Ealing! The beads were a tenner. See you there in October?

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Anonymous said...

Your beads are fab - bonus points for looking like some kind of delicious barley-sugar-type confectionery - I do like long ropes of beads that look like boiled sweeties :)

And hurrah for vintage markets - although they have become the place where carbooters bring their stock to die sometimes :( Nothing more dispiriting than a stall full of manky paperbacks and VHS tapes alongside some chipped plates .... other than a room full of overpriced crap band-wagonning on This Old Thing off the telly.

I have some friends who put on small vintage events and they are having to be very strict as to what can be called 'vintage' for that very reason.

Hurrah for the genuine peeps!
Hurrah for vintage networking!

Anmarie said...

Yes! Ditto! Snap! Couldn't agree more. I love hunting but the 'band wagoning' going on, grrrr. Retro/vintage/2nd-hand is not something 2 years old that started life at Primark! Be sure to keep us posted with details of your mates' vintage events. We'd love to attend, tweet and blog about happy hunting grounds.