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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

FOUND - Cashmere Cover Uncovered

I found this cashmere jumper at the Fara Charity shop in Chiswick near Turnham Green Station. It's the most beautiful shade of butter yellow, in good nick, with no moth holes. The only label in the garment is in the side and indicates the jumper was made in Scotland. Success! You can count on the Scots for quality cashmere. I found it in the men's section of the shop. TOP TIP: Always pick through men's 2nd-hand, always. This softie is marked XL but if this is a MAN's extra large, I'm a pot plant. I suspect it's a woman's extra large, and while not actually overly big, it's spot-on for me. A sumptuous basic, perfect for travel and layering. It was £12.