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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

FOUND - Watercolour One Off Wonder

I found this dress at the Octavia Foundation charity shop in Ealing a few weeks ago. The brand name is Gianni Balenti. While it sounds Italian, research shows it's a trademark registered to Berkertex Ltd, located not in Milan, but Milton Keynes. Nevertheless this is a quality piece of 80s vintage. If the label didn't say polyester, I'd swear it was silk. The pattern - akin to a work of watercolour - is beautifully executed. Further it's finished off with details like silk cord piping around the neckline. On the cuffs, discretely woven into the fabric print the brand name appears - an expensive addition that makers of cheap, throw-away fashions would never dream of including. It's a 3 seasons frock, wearable year round with the exception of summer's hottest days. I take heart in the knowledge that my opposite number on the tube will not also be wearing this vintage stunner. My heart nearly bursts when I recall I paid just £14.99 for it. 
Next week post peek: 2nd-hand finds from 
my holiday in Chicago and NYC.


Anonymous said...

How excellent! Glorious print - if they can make polyester feel like silk - why not make it feel like silk all of the time? I have spent the last two summers thinking I've spotted something lovely in cotton only to recoil in horror at the rasp of some kind of poly nastiness.

Anmarie said...

I agree, there's polyester and then there's polyester. I prefer natural fibers but every now and then poly comes up trumps. Why not all the time? Does anyone really like thick weird scratchy polyester? Thanks for your interest and comments - go forth and charity shop!

Britishette said...

Fabulous find! Great job!