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Monday, 29 September 2014

FOUND - Uniform Style Really Works

I found these high-waist sailor trousers at a men's second-hand shop in Soho. They're made from heavy quality wool, and keep me warm as toast. All the buttons are working, they're not just for looks, and the wide legs hang beautifully. A lovely lace-up in the back of the trousers had to be removed when the waist was taken in but worth it for the custom fit. Don't shy away from items because they need mending or tailoring. If you've found a quality piece, the extra care needed will be well worth the effort. Check out Army-Navy surplus shops, 2nd hand men's wear and always be on the look out for 'former uniforms.' The utilitarian feel of 'work wear' can make an interesting style statement. These super dark navy trousers were £20.        


Anonymous said...

Menswear is SO well made - lovely purchase!

Anmarie said... on! I wish womenswear had the craftsmanship so often found in gents clothing. And I'm loving super dark navy with black this season.