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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

FOUND - T-Shirt with the Feelgood Factor

I found this Dr Feelgood gig t-shirt in my husband's cupboard. When he bought it I didn't know him or the band, the Atlantic Ocean separated us. In 1971, on Canvey Island, Essex, Dr Feelgood formed an R&B group led by the energetic guitar riffs of Wilko Johnson, featuring the vocal interpretations of Lee Brilleaux. My husband's band - JB and The Wolfmen - perform Feelgood songs, in fact I heard my husband sing She Does It Right long before I had any idea who this Brilleaux character was, God rest his soul. When I wear this t-shirt, quite simply the coolest thing I own, men notice. Dr Feelgood followers are loyal to be sure and mostly blokes. My musical credentials, virtually nil, sky rocket when I don this faded bit of jersey. I pair it with a velvet blazer and occasionally a long red silk scarf. For the way it makes me feel, I thank the good Doctor and my supremely cool husband - it's simply priceless. 

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