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Thursday, 18 September 2014

FOUND - A Stylish Snake in the Grass

I found this snake-skin (maybe) bangle at an antiques fair at Kedleston Hall in Derby. (see Jaguar Fairs for future dates a locations). These traditional selling sprees, once a parade of brown furniture, old china and silver nick-nacks, are becoming style goldmines. From Bakelite jewelry to leather doctor bags, shift dresses to 70s sunglasses, vintage Vogue magazines to military overcoats, these markets are happy hunting grounds for the creative fashion magpie. Often set up around stately homes or interesting historic sites, antiques fairs are fantastic places to not only buy but to train the eye. Be sure to chat with stallholders - they've a wealth of information to impart. This bangle is brass on the inside so marries up perfectly with a super-thin brass bangle set I bought at a Ralph Lauren outlet shop some 20 years ago. The reptilian accessory was just £5.  


tralala said...

Very Biba-ish; vintage fairs are v. good for accessories and textiles. But not as good as charity shops for the hunt :))

Anmarie said...

Ooo I'm excited that it's got a Biba vibe! Just back from a yoga class and a little charity shop hunting now. Bliss!

tralala said...

like this gorgeous creature