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Monday, 22 September 2014

FOUND - Stretch-The-Seasons Skirt

I found this skirt at the Fara charity shop in Ealing. It's a French Connection creation but for me, its voluminous folds swirl it back to something from the 1950s. This generously cut circle skirt has weight, making it feel substantial and frankly, expensive. I'll pair it with a short black military-style jacket found in a second-hand stall behind Truman Brewery. Shoes? Well, I'm toying with black peep-toes and flashy tights or brown suede ankle boots. I know, it would be better if the boots were black, but would it? Is black possibly too heavy? The truth is I don't have black ankle boots so I'm going to play around with the skirt using what I've got in my closet to create Style. With a capital S. Call it a Sunday afternoon fashion project - everybody needs a hobby, right? I want to find a way to make this seemingly summer skirt transcend itself and blossom as a piece workable in early Autumn. Can I do it? I hope so as I love this skirt - and at just £7, what's not to love?

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tralala said...

Oooh that's nice - yes, black would be a bit heavy unless you have a black lace hem petticoat to peep out from the bottom - how about red and gold with it to up the military feel? Or a mad 80s Versace-esque shirt (I had one given to me which I thought I'd never wear but it has been worn to death as it adds a bit of trashy-glam to anything :)) Or dressing gown belt in gold to loop through your top half in a Hussar kind of way ...

Then again, this gorgeous creature is a bit swoonsome :)) OMG

Anmarie said...

I totally LOVE the idea of adding a touch of red to beef up the military look. You're a genius!