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Friday, 12 September 2014

FOUND - My 'Boyfriend' Gets Shirty

I found this boyfriend shirt at the Octavia Foundation charity shop in Ealing, West London. If boyfriend jeans are a must, then a quality boyfriend shirt is a hero in the making. This one is made by Harvie & Hudson, a London firm founded in 1949 with the third generation of H&H's now at the helm. All their shirts feature mother of pearl buttons, not plastic and their bespoke shirts are still made at their Jermyn Street headquarters. This is a quality garment; made from light weight but textured hounds tooth cotton, it's nicely shaped along the bottom hem. Important, as I'll wear it un-tucked with slim fit, cropped denim. Charity shops are absolutely heaving with men's shirts, so be selective. A label that says Jermyn Street is a good place to start. Some wear is important. You want your boyfriend to be soft and even a little worn. Current/Elliot, a high-end cult denim label, is offering a good-looking mannish shirt for women that retails for £305. This handsome devil was just a fiver.
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Anonymous said...

Look for 2 fold cotton, double cuffs (you can roll them or acquire a cufflink habit) and little pockets under the collar for collar stays (you can buy replacements on eBay for bugger-all). Then you know you've got a goodie. Pink, Charles Tyrwitt, T.M. Lewin, or our particular holy grail of chaz shirts Hilditch and Key can be had for the same price as M+S if you look regularly.

Anmarie said...

My other boyfriend shirt is a Hilditch and Key that, if my flat was on fire, I'd probably save! It's the best...really like your 'shirty' advice, spot on! Thanks for reading HL. Ooo, get excited for next week's blogposts - 2nd hand finds from Chicago and NYC.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh will look forward to exotic finds to come :)

I don't know where H+K get their shirting but it is absolutely exquisite.

They sell ladies clothing too - I do like their 40s style pyjamas. Sadly, well out of my price range (even at sale prices) lol