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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

FOUND - Red Letter Day by the River

I found this Marimekko shirt at the Fara charity shop on the south west side of Richmond Bridge, TW1 2EB, a large, bright shop with a great mix of clothing and housewares. Featuring silver metal buttons this fashion find is akin to a denim shirt, but with stripes. Any number of designers have lead the Marimekko team over the years, but this is Finnish designer Vuokko Eskolin-Nurmesnieni signature print. Dubbed Jokapoika, it's a simple pattern that helped ensure Marimekko's global reputation. Vuokko joined Marimekko in 1953 and along with Maija Isola, was responsible for many of the company's most iconic patterns. This really is a piece fit for a design or fashion museum and to that end Vuokko's work is indeed part of the permanent collection at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I paid just £8.50 for this piece of fashion history.      
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Anonymous said...

Is that the one with the hand-drawn stripes? Looks very crisp and fresh - bargain!!

Anmarie said...

IT is the hand drawn stripes. I'm such a geek for ALL Marimekko, but this one is a 'best ever find.' I love the idea of collectible (and wearable) fashion.