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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

FOUND - Tangy 2nd-Hand Silk Scarf

I found this huge 100% silk scarf/shawl at Oxfam in Richmond, southwest London. It's a Shanghai Tang and was still sporting the original tags. Shanghai Tang was founded in 1994 by businessman David Tang with the aim of reintroducing Chinese fashions of the 20s and 30s to a global audience. Tang brought back Manchu Chinese clothing, giving it a modern twist. The company slogan, "Re-Orient Yourself," is the sort of marketing word play that really speaks to me. I came to London the first time as a visitor in my 30s and I can remember wandering into the Shanghai Tang shop on Sloane Street. I was transported. All the silks, brocades and lacquered surfaces piqued my style sensibility. Now - expensive doesn't equate to stylish in my book but silk does. So this absolutely gigantic slash of worm work is top quality, no doubt. But if you need hard numbers as proof, a scarf much like this on Shanghai Tang's website is currently retailing for 189 Great Big Pounds! Really. Me? I took this yum-yum home for just £24.99. Okay, does that put to bed once and for all the idea that charity shops are full of chipped crockery and smelly polyester housecoats?
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tralala said...

That is so gorg. And see how that knot motif ties in with yesterday's skirt lol! Meant to be :)

Anmarie said...

It's so fab I'm a little scared to wear it...don't want to mess it up. Know what I mean? Like driving a new car and fearing you'll bang up the door in a parking lot. Ah fashion, you are complicated! said...

Score! I love this. Is it a men's scarf maybe? Like the kind you wear with very formal black tie or white tie. It's gorgeous anyway.

Anmarie said...

I'll tell you what, more than a scarf, it's really a shawl. It is HUGE. I'll wear it as a scarf but with lots of it hanging down straight...SCORE indeed!