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Friday, 5 September 2014

TRY THIS - Make the Most of a Market

I found both these bracelets (bangles even!) at Shepherds Bush Market in London. The market is dwarfed by the retail playground that is Westfields. While admittedly it won't be everyone's cup of tea, I'd take this market over a mall every time. Westfields may have anything you'd want to buy, but Shepherds Bush Market is an inspiring feast for the eyes. With the smell of falafel, the best I've eaten in ages, wafting through the air, this market - offering more new than used - is a riot of colour, form and proportion. The building blocks of style. 

"All the kids in the market place say: 
Walk like an Egyptian"
                   -The Bangles

No, you won't find the latest A/W 14 runway sensation, but you will find stunning garments crafted from African wax print, handmade in a tiny stall barely big enough for seamstress and sewing machine. You'll find every size and shaped nylon night gown in the world, but look closely and you'll find a few cotton varieties as well. Plastic fruit, coloured zippers, fake flowers, beach balls, hand towels, bed spreads, strainers, drainers, kaftans, petroleum jelly, real fruit, real veg, cheap luggage, hardware, soft furnishings and more are on offer. The stallholders hailing from at least 3 continents are friendly and approachable. These bracelet were £2.99 apiece. The afternoon stroll through the market, exhilarating.            


Rosalind said...

I rarely get near to Shepherds Bush when I'm visiting London, but your description of its market makes me think I should make a point of heading in that direction - for the falafel as well as the hunting possibilities...

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I found your blog via Rosalind and you're on my blogroll so I never miss another post again. I love your attitude towards shopping, your chazza adventures and of course, your lovely tales of discovery. :) xo

Anmarie said...

Thanks ladies for your comments! On holiday now so replying late...but thrilled that you're enjoying the blog.