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Thursday, 11 September 2014

FOUND - Making a Break from the Pack

I found this 100% silk top at the Cancer Research charity shop not far from Ealing Broadway Station. It's from Jigsaw, one of my preferred high-street retailers. Jigsaw, Toast, Boden and a few others create clothing that occasionally capture my imagination. It's their shops that leave me uninspired. Rails and rails of what are referred to as 'size runs' hang with lifeless organization; two size 8s, three size 10s, 3 size 12s, 2 size 14s and 2 size 16s. Repeat with dresses. Repeat with trousers. Repeat. Lined up like identical inmates waiting for day release, they take on a mob mentality. The lack of diversity on the rails leaves me stifled. Each piece's individuality is muffled as the spectacular order imposed on the merchandise serves to blind me to any sartorial potential. Of course, the sea of sameness inspires many shoppers, compelling them to reach for their wallets. But not me. Give me a rail full of one-offs, a riot of colour and texture, singing chaos and dancing diversity. Give me a typical charity shop selection and my style sense soars. This Jigsaw top, hanging hopefully between a purple cotton t-shirt and an 80s green print blouse, was just £5.     


Anonymous said...

I do find that stores cater more to their stock control than their customers. Returning goods (even faulty ones) are a perfect illustration. As are the splendid photos of goods on the shopfloor that you will only find stocked in 'flagship' stores or online. Also- as you say - the 'clone' effect does little to tempt either. Long live charity shops!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Spotting that beauty resting among the muck was a godsend! I agree, the retail stores are so incredibly boring and uninspiring that when these gems appear in the chazzas, they're like gold. xo

Anmarie said...

Ladies - I love your attitude! We are in perfect synch when it comes to retailing. Oh if only we ruled the world!