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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

FOUND - Spectacular Specs for a Song

I found these sunglasses at the Octavia charity shop in Ealing. Large frames with pastel inlay - the curves and zig zags on the frames are actually light blue & pink in colour - they're high quality and importantly, sport a brand name. Unfamiliar labels offer me lovely little challenges. I can't wait to research an unknown brand, uncover its story. 

"What really knocked me out was her
cheap sunglasses" 
                                   -ZZ Top

Saphira is an exclusive German eyewear brand circa 70s/80s known for bold modern design. While I've found little else about the brand, what I have noticed is that on 2nd-hand and vintage selling sites (Ebay, Etsy and others) Saphira sunglasses range in price from £50 to £125. Initially I had no idea these were SUCH a well-loved brand but it was worth finding out. Let's say I had a hunch. These specs saw me fork over just $4 - worth the risk, as either way they're knock out, cheap sunglasses. 

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tralala said...

oh so elegant ... (shamefacedly remembers shoebox with rhinestone frames still awaiting proper lenses ferreted away somewhere upstairs eek). The shape of yours is like the CHRISTIAN DIOR 2028 at exciting!

Anmarie said...

Yep, I've got several interesting sets of frames that need new lenses. My style TO DO list is endless!