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Friday, 26 September 2014

TRY THIS - Double Belted Double Time

I found this double wrap belt at Oxfam in Putney. It's a quality accessory that I'd never buy new, the expense would be too great. My friend Lucy accuses me of "living richly." What she means, I think, is that I manage rather nicely on a shoestring budget. She respects my choice of time over money because I seem to rarely go without. I once competed hard for the best office jobs with the highest salaries, indeed I whirled round the hamster wheel of regular work. Today however, I forgo potential money in exchange for more time. My purse is lighter but I've hours in the bank for writing, thinking, creating, blogging, yoga-ing etc. I work in a customer service position at a theatre where any number of people have also chosen time over money. My friend Susan, someone who stepped outside the mainstream work circle some years ago, has a belt just like this. Maybe it's part of the uniform all us "time earners" wear. It was $8.99 and it's about time I wear it.

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