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Thursday, 25 September 2014

TRY THIS - Make Sequins Shine Your Way

I found this sleeveless, sparkly top at Mary's Living & Giving charity shop in Ealing. I don't go to red-carpet shin-digs or ball gown blowouts but I do turn up at evening events with friends or the husband which long for a little glamour. Just a little. Paired with black three-quarter length trousers or straight, rolled-up jeans and kitten heels or flats, this boxy top is exactly what my after-eight affairs require. Sequins that aren't trying too hard, thank you. It's a true vintage piece, 1950s or 60s. The label tells me that the bodice is 100% lambs wool, covered in shimmer obviously. Made in Hong Kong, a place I'm keen to visit, it was likely created for the export market. A classic with only a few sequins missing - I imagine they fell into the punch bowl when the previous owner was reaching for a vol-au-vent. Every wardrobe needs at least one sequinned piece. No matter your style - even minimalist - sparkle brings your basics to (night) life. Pinky here was just £27. Shine on girl! 

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