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Friday, 14 November 2014

TRY THIS - Travel Decades Together

I found these suede 'made in Italy' low heeled shoes at Think Twice Vintage Shop CLICK HERE in Brugge. Spotted on my last visit to the Belgium chocolate-box town, their graphic, 80s-style caught my eye. Today Huntress and friends Alice & Susan are off to Brugge for a relaxing weekend of socializing and 2nd-hand hunting. Along with Think Twice Vintage, we'll pop into Madam Mim CLICK HERE, only my favourite vintage shop in the world, and pick over the Saturday Flea Market where I found my cherished Claude Montana sunglasses (Huntress Past Post, CLICK HERE). I'm part of a terrific traveling trio. At 30-, 50- and 70-years-old, our varying fashion flights of fancy, heartaches and dreams are sure to keep us chatting double time all the way to our destination. I highly recommend making friends with women of different generations than your own. Those behind you and in front enjoy points of view that you simply must see. My eyes weren't deceiving me when I found these. The Brugge shoes were only 3 euros. 


Anonymous said...

Oh! Have a fabulous time - what a lovely rummagey shop - your fellow huntresses sound fab - good hunting!

p.s. those shoes are FAB ( as are those silver tights/stockings - love love love :))

Anmarie said...

...we had a great weekend! Thanks for the well wishes. (Little silver socks, bought ages ago, 3 pairs thank goodness!) More on Brugge is the days to come.