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Thursday, 20 November 2014

FOUND - I Felt Like A Little Kid, Again

I found this oddly appealing brooch at Oxfam in Ealing. Its futuristic look typically leaves me peeved, but the funky felt feel enabled me to remember, as 2nd-hand fashions often do, a moment from childhood. When I was in 2nd grade we were required - with parental assistance - to cover a cigar box in felt, filling it with felt circles, squares and triangles. A hands-on way for us to understand basic shapes. I sat imaging the madly multi-coloured felt box I would make as me and Dad drove to Jo-Ann Fabrics. Once in the shop, Dad insisted my box be covered in black felt as a way of showing off the primary-coloured shapes he said we were going to cut out. I was immediately in tears, angry that he was dictating MY project. I wanted a sky blue box, darn it! I wanted shapes of all colours. The car-ride home was a silent protest and as I look back, I suspect my Dad was more than a little amused by my heart-felt fit. The thing is when we sat together assembling the black box, my sulking turned to a smile. What we made was the primary school equivalent of a Mondrian painting; I loved it and reveled in my classmates' subsequent envy. My father hasn't always been right about everything, but at an early age I learned he had a fine, reliably arty eye. This felt future/past brooch was only 99p. 

My brooch adorns a jacket lovingly made by
The Rose in West Sussex, one of the few places
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