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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

TRY THIS - Shifting Gifts Your Way

My step-mom gave me these pinky vintage bangles. She reads Huntress London faithfully so like you, maybe, learned that I've a penchant for wacky wrist-wear. To date, thanks in part to her, my bangle count is over 60, including stretchy varieties, several sterling silver, 2 hand-beaded and dozens of fat plastic models. Passionately collecting a fashion item has been tonnes of fun. My bangle searches have lead me down so many interesting style streets. And bracelet pressies from friends and family offer lovely little insights into the gift givers themselves. I pair the new/old pink bangles with several blood red numbers from my collection for an evocative colour and shape combination. As the holidays approach, make sure everyone knows what YOU collect. They'll appreciate the helpful gift hint.

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