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Thursday, 6 November 2014

TRY THIS - Scarf that's Cream of the Crop

I found this ballet-pink chiffon scarf at Mary's Living & Giving shop in Ealing. On one end, in lovely script it's branded Guerlain. The perfumer is the creator of Shalimar, the scent my beloved grandmother wore and the one I wear now. The truth is this scarf serves as more of a cosmetic than clothes. I wear it at the neck tied in a bow to the side, allowing its soft colour to brighten my face. Lots of us smear on bottles of makeup, lotions and potions but nothing compliments the complexion like a milk white, ballet pink or soft coral sheer scarf. It's an old fashioned idea that still works a treat. The little wonder was one pound. 

Vintage Hot Spots in Ealing 
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