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Friday, 7 November 2014

TRY THIS - Have a Laugh & Learn Too

I found this 'paper covered edition' at the Oxfam book shop just round corner from Turnham Green tube station, west London. The funny but to-the-point title caught my eye. The inside cover claims author Gaylord Hauser "...writes in a racy style about such widely differing subjects as sex, anemia, hay fever, varicose veins and forgetfulness." All that? Sign me up, this sounded too kooky to miss. Turns out health guru 'Dr. Hauser' was wildly popular with the Hollywood set but highly criticized in his lifetime (1895-1984). His claim, among others, that wheat germ, brewer's yeast and black treacle are bedrocks to a long-life diet were derided. 
"The Duchess of Windsor wears clothes of great simplicity...the last time I saw her we discussed clothes and she agreed with me..."
The American Medical Association were against Hauser, and the sugar and flour industries feared his ideas would kill sales but the likes of Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Gloria Swanson and the Duchess of Windsor eagerly sought his advice. Our man Gaylord is the consummate name dropper, making this read like a conversation with a desperate-to-impress cocktail party wannabee. It's a hoot, old-fashioned and occasionally outrageous (women over 50 should never wear red according to Hauser). He was however ahead of his time for over the years the Doc's health ideas were found sound. While it's hilarious self-help, Look Younger, Live Longer is also an informative pep talk in praise of taking care of the best thing you'll ever find - you.                


Jo said...

Sounds like a brilliant find Anmarie!

Anmarie said...

I've nearly finished it - I'm gonna miss Gaylord's voice! PS LOVE Wilkos shower gel recommended on your blog;)