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Monday, 10 November 2014

FOUND - Watch Out, Big Kids About

I found this rubbery kids watch by Tikkers at the Oxfam Boutique in Chiswick. I loved the bendy, soft feel of it and the childish style that says, "relax, you're off the clock." As a youngster I was a good student, loved school, studied and earned high marks. But there were two activities that nearly eluded me - tying my shoes and telling time. I remember at 10, even 12-years-old sticking my lace-ups in front of my mom to tie in a secure double bow before bounding out the front door to the school bus. Time telling? It was the variety of ways for stating the same time that sent my head spinning. "Quarter after 10," "ten fifteen," "15 minutes after ten." Sure it seems simple now but as a chatty 7-year-old I struggled with the infinite language of time. Of course I finally mastered both tasks but whenever I'm asked for the time of day or tie a loose shoe lace, I smile and feel young again. This kiddy ticker was only £9.


Oxfam Boutique Chiswick said...

Such a lovely post! It's so good to hear you're pleased with the TIKKERS watch you got from our Oxfam Boutique in Chiswick. :) Please join us for our Christmas Event on the 4th December, 5-9pm. We'll have drinks, nibbles and live music. We save our best items for this party. Worth coming, if you can. xx

Oxfam Chiswick
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Anmarie said...

Thanks so much - we'll see you on the 4th!