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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

FOUND - Slacking in the Men's Dept

I found these soft wool flannel trousers by Polo at the RSPCA charity shop in central Ealing. I'm sure they're menswear but they've a female figure-flattering cut, plenty of hip space and are decidedly high waisted. More and more I hear friends lament the lack of slacks (my mom's word) with waists that begin above or even at the waist. Why hasn't this style desire filtered down to the main stream fashion world? I wonder, is the FFI* listening? Don't wait, just make a point of carefully trolling the men's rails in your local charity shops. If you come upon a pair of quality trousers, try them on, you've nothing to lose. Men's trousers are naturally cut higher in the waist and if you can find a style that allows for your hips (assuming you've got 'em) then you're walking away happy. These Ralph Lauren bottoms are the foundation of an Annie Hall inspired look I've in mind CLICK HERE. Pants - a paltry £3.50.

*Flippin' Fashion Industry

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