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Thursday, 13 November 2014

FOUND - Paul's Positive Posy Power

I found this soft cotton Paul Smith shirt at the Octavia Foundation charity shop in central Ealing. I've loved Paul Smith fashions since moving to London some 10 years ago. Like pubs that don't sell food and 'riding on the right,' PS is quintessentially British. Everything I read about Sir Paul leaves me feeling nothing but admiration for the long-time designer. He once hoped to be a professional cyclist but a serious accident saw him hospitalized for 6 months. While recovering he met up with students from the local art college in Nottingham and there, a design career was born. THAT versatility of imagination is rare and enviable in my book. Smith says be unashamed of the work you must do to pay the bills in order to also do the thing you love - a realistic but inspiring affirmation for anyone who quietly creates in splintered and stolen moments, each and every day. The shirt was definitely a steal at just £7.99.


Anonymous said...

That print is just intoxicating! Huge admirer of Mr Smith here - he seems to be an outstandingly decent man.

Anmarie said...

He gets added admiration from me for crediting his wife. Good man all round.