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Friday, 27 February 2015

FOUND - Boy That Husband Can Hunt

I find my husband's become a superb 2nd-hand hunter. He senses my need for big bright bangles is rivaled only by my desire for fascinating fashion books. Observing Huntress in action, he's seen her pass over Gok Wan's literary musings on style and politely ignore Trinny and Susannah's warnings on What Not To Wear - book shelf stalwarts in any self-respecting charity shop. Mr. Hunter understands I'm picky when it comes to publica-tions. Armed with informed but realistic style targets, his hunting is proving exceptionally fruitful. Look, he's never going to spot the mint vintage handbag or ideal slouchy 2nd-hand trousers - and hey that's my job anyway! But when it comes to a bangle or book he's Top Dog, as this spectacular paperback from the British Heart Foundation in Streatham beautifully illustrates. Keep 'em coming Big Man -    


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