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Monday, 2 March 2015

TRY THIS - Oysters Fine & Donuts Free

I found my first visit to Whitstable in Kent a 2-day delight. Traveling with my mate Susan (the 'Tramp Poet' above), we luxuriated in the winter sun and sea air. Full marks to The Apartment, where we happily hung our hats CLICK HERE. This top floor flat kitted out in cozy Art Deco flourishes overlooks lovely little Whitstable Castle as well as boasting sea views. Owners Mark and Frances are welcoming, relaxed and helpful. The continental breakfast they sent up to our quarters after our peaceful night's sleep was fresh and filling. Dinner at the Oyster & Fishery Company CLICK HERE, an institution that traces its origins back to the 1400s, offered a warm, comfortable atmosphere along with first class fish dishes. Whitstable's buzzing high street kept us busy with several vintage shops and at least 6 charming charity shops. But surely the highlight of the visit was dockside coffee and FREE donut. The stall owner told me he'd started offering free donuts as a way of thanking the local community for their support. In 16 weeks he had given away 7,000 ring and jelly-filled, doubling his already thriving business. I salute this seaside statesman, making the world a better place through the distribution of free fried, sugary dough.  

Whitstable Week at Huntress London
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M-T said...

Gosh, would I love to accompany you and hubby and BFF on your next go at foraging for the fabulous find. The Schiaparelli prints just made me oooh and aaah. Happy hunting, Huntress, and keep us posted.

Cheers, M-T