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Thursday, 2 April 2015

TRY THIS - Blossom With A Posy Brooch

I find I'm ready to wear Spring styles but the weather's not keen to cooperate yet. To mark the seasonal change (and remain warm), I've recently pinned this boutenniere to my outerwear. A gift from my step-mom, a seasoned secondhand shopper herself, my posy holder blossoms on a tweed or tartan coat. The useful accessory is inspired by the Victorians who carried hand-held posy holders similar to this; the flowering nosegay gadget masked unpleasant personal and street odors. Called a "Tussie Mussie," they were tiny, often silver vases with bone handles. A woman holding a Tussie Mussie was also signaling that she was enjoying the attentions of a gentleman caller. Today these are proper antiques, Victoriana that any collector would be pleased to own. They're also pricey. But brooch-y posy holders like mine, stylish and wearable, can be found in vintage markets and charity shops if you keep your eyes peeled. They're Flower Power with Purpose!        

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