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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

TRY THIS - It's A Novel Idea. The End.

I find I judge books by their covers, not metaphorically but actually. Oh how often I fancy reading a 2nd-hand book because its graphic first impression captures my imagination. The vibe, colour combo, type face, even the size of certain books inspire my style eye. With that in mind, I've decided to accessorize with reading material. Of course the visionary Olympia Le-Tan is making clutch bags that LOOK just like books CLICK HERE, and I'd love to own one. Sadly my purse isn't nearly big enough to afford one of her's. 

Turn the page and at the 2nd-hand bookstalls on London's South Bank I find these bound beauties. Once each is paired with the perfect clutch purse, I've got a book look that I can't put down. Admittedly it's not an everyday style, and the right bag is crucial if it's to work. But occasionally, making a hardback part of your ensemble is easy-peasy in my book.    

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