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Thursday, 30 April 2015

TRY THIS - A Basket Case No More

I find I sweat the small things. With Trojan horse zeal I attack the big stuff but puny annoyances are apt to beat me and none more so than the day-to-day handbag switcheroo. Moving from rucksack on a gloomy Tuesday to straw tote on a sunny Wednesday creates no end of stress for me. At day's end, my Oyster card has ended up in the pocket of my mackintosh and my glasses are now next to my desk. My phone has disappeared entirely and somehow my favourite lippy is hiding in the recess of a dark, forgotten pocket. Inevitably after swapping over to a different bag, I leave the house several essential items light. But with a recent Avenue Vintage & Antique Market find, I think I've cracked the case of switheroo stress. When I arrive home I immediately dump the contents of my bag (and pockets) into this basket. It's wide opening allows me to see my indispensables with ease. Taking it by the handle, I poodle about the house collecting crucial bits and bobs that have strayed during the day. This is now the woven home base for all my vital belongings, ensuring I'm no longer a handbag basket case. Its miraculous daily effect makes it a downright bargain at just £14. 

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