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Friday, 24 April 2015

FOUND - Coat From Another Time & Place

I found this cotton jacket at the Cancer Research charity shop near Ealing Broadway. It reminded me of the sort of thing that hung on hook in our garage when I was a kid in small town Ohio. My mom would have pulled it on before jumping in the car to zoom up to the local grocery after realizing she didn't have enough milk or eggs or tinned tomatoes. It's the perfect weekend topper; relaxed tom-boy style. When my husband spotted me wearing it, he said, "Nice Harrington." Not more cockney rhyming slang I thought. But it turns out this jacket is a Harrington, the sort of coat James Dean, Frank Sinatra and Rodney Harrington made famous. Rodney is the fictional character played by a young Ryan O'Neal in the 60s blockbuster TV soap opera Peyton Place. Rodney, a kid from a well-off family falls for Mia Farrow's character, Allison MacKenzie, a girl whose father is in prison. Ryan-as-Rodney wore a jacket not unlike this one, and it was consequently dubbed the Harrington. Not long ago I read Peyton Place, the book-come-film-come-TV show that caused a huge stir in the 50s when it debuted. It was once considered trashy and trite but today on reflection Grace Metalious' novel is nothing short of a classic, much like the jacket it inspired. The price of Peyton Place weekend chic? £10.        

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