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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

TRY THIS - Branch Out by Wearing Wood

I found this wooden big-bead bracelet at the Barnardo's charity shop in Whitstable on the Kent Coast. It happily joins similar bangles I've collected over the years. Today's contemporary women's style requires mismatching, pattern clashing and competing textures - opposites attract it seems. So to "toughen-up" a feminine look, professional stylists perpetually add biker boots or a black leather jacket to frilly frocks. Frankly it's a choice that's becoming all too typical and to be honest, I've never been able to make biker boots work. But thankfully there are alternatives for ensuring your feminine style-turn stays strong. I like pairing natural materials - like wood - with my girly gear. The rich colour, grainy pattern and over-sized shape of these bangles add an air of "Modern Art" or "Nature's Power" to any womanly wear I pull on. Solid style, courtesy of a beaded bracelet, was just 49p.

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