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Friday, 27 March 2015

FOUND - Jacket that Drives Me Wild

I found this silk jacket at the new Fara shop in Islington near Angel tube station. It's a product of Shanghai Tang, purveyors of Chinese-inspired fashions for men and women, as well as homeware. Save small light red stains under the arms, this overcoat is perfect and when I wear it the minor flaws are nearly unnoticeable. But it's the defects that fill me with a feeling of freedom to style this topper with abandon, rather than wearing it carefully, with conservative concern. Once or twice I've bought, owned and drove a new car, and each time I've breathed a sigh of relief when my sparkling auto suffered a knock or ding, usually in a shop parking lot. Rather than despair, I found myself feeling like my motor was becoming a useful set of wheels rather than a model kit car that needed protecting at all costs. With high-end clothes my feelings are remarkably similar. Now that it's got a dent, I won't have to save my silk Shanghai Tang for best. Instead I'll wear it over a black bathing suit on holiday, pair it with casual denim and drape it over a summer shift. This luxury fashion becomes all the more luxurious when I've license to wear it recklessly. It was a just £10.