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Thursday, 19 March 2015

TRY THIS - Reactionary Style

I find myself much in the company of actors lately. Rehearsing my play Re:Tale, debuting at Hen & Chickens in Islington 24-28 March, I am surrounded by drama. The quartet of actors and director Brigitte Adela of Written Foundations bring a positive intensity to the rehearsal room, an honest vigor that I'm finding rather stylish.

Carrie Hill CLICK HERE

How often do the world's most photographed models stare lifelessly down a camera lens? It seems contemporary fashion often requires expressionless faces that tell no tales. 

Laura Glover CLICK HERE

But actors, while indeed acting, brim with potent emotion. They're engaged in every word uttered. They naturally search for truth in their work, a search I find mesmerizing. It's difficult to take your eyes off these women as they continually act and importantly, react.

Zena Carswell CLICK HERE

Reactions, subtle but fierce or clashing and unexpected, add texture to who we are as human beings. Nothing is a stylish as a woman engrossed in the world she inhabits. (Even if it is the make-believe world of a stage play). Why not wear the beating life inside us like a giant wooden bangle or shocking pink top coat? The body language and expression of a corpse may be all the rage but it's a modern look that wants for character.  


 CLICK HERE for tickets to Re:Tale24-28 March

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