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Monday, 23 February 2015

TRY THIS - Make a Date with Paste

I find myself longing to sew, paint and draw, but sadly I'm unskilled when it comes to manual crafts. I'm tempted to say I've two left hands but aren't southpaws well-known for their artistic dexterity? While I can turn a phrase, turning-up a trouser leg is well and truly beyond me. 

However, it is possible for the craft-less to conjure a project. Glue stick at the ready, I cobbled together these party invitations all by myself. Old black & white postcards spotted at Oxfam in Ealing are my foundation. Interesting bits and pieces cut from magazines and free catalogs are added. Place, paste and like magic it seems even I'm crafty.

Party details - date, time, place - are simply handwritten on the back of the cards. Popping with personality, I think these rival any store-bought variety. The 12 old postcards were 10p apiece and the glue stick a pound. The feeling of DIY pride - priceless.

These unique little mementos remind everyone that we're off to Zedel's CLICK HERE in March to celebrate my friend Susan's 70th birthday - paper scene stealers that perfectly suit the stylish septuagenarian tucked in our handbags.     

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