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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

TRY THIS - The Arts & Crafts of Style

I found these hand-made, recycled wrist warmers at a tiny market situated in what's called the Undercroft in Deal, Kent CLICK HERE. A twice-a-week affair, it hosts 6 to 10 tables offering everything from homemade baked goods to wee watercolour paintings. Sue Evans, a local crafter, created these lovely gloves by cutting up a used jumper and 'felting' the sleeves. This, as she explained, is the simple process of washing wool on hotter and hotter settings until the desired effect is achieved. Sue fashions wrist warmers, along with bags and hats from interesting, colourful 2nd-hand cardigans and pullovers.         

I wear these 2 ways. Over a pair of thin leather gloves they look rather stylish - call it Dickensian Chic - and effectively combat winter's chill. I also pop them on indoors. Curled up on the sofa, enjoying an old film or Bargain Hunt (oddly compelling), these soft arm accessories are akin to slippers for your hands. Add several hand-made one-off pieces, like these, to your wardrobe to ensure stylish individuality. Cost? A fiver.


Anonymous said...

Similar at
Love them - very Tim Burton lol

Anmarie said...

Love Woolly Pedlar - stylish re-use of old jumpers and such. These here are so warm - take that winter!