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Friday, 6 February 2015

TRY THIS - Trinket Trio Re-Think

I was recently inspired by Loulou de la Falaise CLICK HERE to pile on a trio of necklaces for an over-the-top turn that earned me compliments all 'round. If you're like me, you have miles of 2nd-hand (and new) chains, beads and baubles yearning to make their debut about your neck. I say, bring on the bling. 

Here a long strand of amber beads picked up at The Avenue Vintage & Antiques Market CLICK HERE, joins a gold Art Deco piece my husband bought me for Christmas. Topped off with a Marie Chavez cloisonne pendant CLICK HERE. A bit machty-matchy maybe, but better together than apart. 

I have to admit, this creative trio is my new favourite. It starts with an old silk scarf bought for a pound at Spitalfields Market. Then white glass beads CLICK HERE and a 80s red multi-strand necklace meld perfectly. Both were picked up on different visits to my beloved Deal, on the Kent Coast. I intend to make it my summer signature look. 

I've struggled to wear this foxy necklace for several years. A gift from my husband, it appears meek and mild when worn on its own. Pair it with a loopy metal necklace from Oxfam CLICK HERE and heavy gold beads and my fox shines with stylish animal magnetism. 

A little something for the weekend? Dramatic and rather Dolce & Gabbana-ish, the scarf was found at Madame Mim vintage shop in Brugge for 3 euros. The others as above. With a black dress or white shirt, this trio offers something that's equally prim and provocative. 

Now it's your turn. Try on your baubles, every trio you can imagine. See what works and wear it. And remember, three is a magic number.      

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