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Monday, 9 February 2015

TRY THIS - Style That's Going, Going, Gone!

I found this Marilyn Anselm for Hobbs coat via a live online sale hosted by Chiswick Auctions CLICK HERE. I had every intention of popping into the fashion sale at the auction house but it simply slipped my mind. From home, 30 minutes into the event, I registered online and started monitoring the LIVE event. It was almost like being there, all the anticipation typical of any auction was present on screen. I watched nearly 100 lots go under the hammer; everything from Hardy Amies dresses to vintage fans, hardly-worn high-street fashions to handbag collections. 

It was mesmerizing. Most lots sold but when a reasonable opening bid was not offered, items were left unsold. Caught up, I clicked through the lots, identifying a few fashions I thought I'd like to own. The auctioneer started with an opening bid, but I quickly learned if I was patient, he might lower the initial starting point. "I'll take £60 *silence* okay then £50 *more silence* what about £40? No bidders?" His question prompted me to act. With one quick flick of my finger I'd bid £40. Down went the hammer and the lot was mine. The next day I popped into Chiswick Auctions to collect my bid-for booty. I'd actually won a trio with that one bid; my lot included this Winter warmer, as well as a black Jaeger knee-length coat and skirt, ALL for £40. The black coat was passed on to my mate Monica for Christmas and the skirt was gifted to Susan. Auction buying - items sight unseen - was a risk, but I highly recommend the occasional fashion gamble. 

Chiswick Auctions is hosting Fashion Sales 
on 17 Feb and 24 March. For more info CLICK HERE

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